28 May 2014

strawberry and milk

D I S H Y #6 ||

Imagine a strawberry milkshake but deconstructed, with sweet juicy strawberries and yummy cake on the side all sprinkled with almonds. That was my epic dessert at Plum + Spilt Milk in Kings Cross this weekend. The name of this week's dishy is actually strawberry and almond cake w/ milk ice cream, my second course choice on the Gourmet Express Set Menu. This is not one of those places I can visit on a regular basis [unless money grew on palm trees under a rainbow of unicorns] but as it was a bank holiday weekend and I was in the company of the lovely sisters Emilia & Cati, it just felt right. I haven't even shown you pictures of the restaurant itself but based on the black shiny table and fine crockery, I'm sure you can tell immediately that this place has a special little something. The food tastes it too. At £21 for 2 courses [with à la carte mains averaging £25 / £30 each], I think this is a massive bargain and worth every penny. Super delicious and a real treat!


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