23 May 2014

good grapes

N A I L E X P E R I M E N T S ||

This week's nails have been inspired by a vineyard I was helping to de-weed last week as part of a volunteering project with work. They were requested and this time I was relieved I wouldn't have to work out a super complicated design. I went for something nice and simple: two colours and this is the result.

Feel like having a go at my experiments with me? I've recently started adding a quick guide, read on!

Step-by-Step || if you feel like having a go too

1. apply your base background [mint by Barry M]
2. add a horizontal stripe at the bottom of each of your nails [teal by Barry M]
3. add a vertical line onto the middle of each of the horizontal lines to form a T-shape [teal by Barry M]

4. add in your bunches of grapes by doing a 3-2-1 row of dots [pulsating by Rimmel 60 Seconds]

And, voilĂ !

I N S P I R E D _ B Y || Forty Hall

Every year, the company I work for encourages us to spend one day out of the office to help support a community project. This year the options were to help on a farm, run a community games tournament and interview coaching at a local school. Given I spend most of my working days indoors, I usually opt for the outdoor activity and just hope the weather is going to be great [you can do it London].

I decided to go back to Forty Hall Farm in Enfield. Last year, I volunteered there helping the team with their community organic vineyard de-weeding to help the new vines grow and helping to build a path for their newly formed orchard. This year, I ended up helping in the vineyard again [de-weeding to make sure our growing vines are able to get the water and nourishment they need] and helping to build raised beds for Forty Hall's new market garden. I learnt how to drill for the first time and love it.

Forty Hall Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise which means they rely on volunteers to keep their projects going. The aim for all of their projects is to help teach local volunteers and young people new skills - anything from growing vegetables to marketing their future veg boxes to learning all about wine making. Eventually their lovely local produce is sold to fellow Londoners, hopefully helping to grow the projects even more.

As usual, I had to take a few snaps because Forty Hall [farm and surroundings] is a beautiful place. Even more so when the sun is shinning! Enjoy.

[ Forty Hall Café and friends ]

[ The Salad Garden & Herb House ]

[ The Orchard, Playground & Wild Walled Garden ]

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