9 April 2014

pick a colour

where || colombia road flower market, london

Any colour. You won't be short of choice at Colombia Road Flower Market so I would suggest thinking long and hard about this [ha]. Seriously though: How Do You Pick? I really like going down to one of London's most famous flower markets, it makes for a very cheery Sunday. Emilia hadn't been before so was in for a treat - even though I've been many times now, her excitement still got me too.

I'm by far not an expert in surviving markets but if I had three tips for all of you for this market, they would be:

RESIST || browse it all before you buy - it's tempting I know, but trust me you need to prioritise or you might regret it. Your purse won't thank you either. Look at the whole offering and at the end pick 2-3 favourites you'd like to pick up, then go go go go go. Attack!

TIMING || go early or go late - useful advice I've been given in the past and I totally agree as these are the times you are most likely to get the best deals. The middle bit is just a bit meh.

FOCUS || listen out and be quick - if you do the above, you will need to keep your wits about you because the market will be packed. Listen out for sellers shouting deals, remember deals [so you can compare], and act quickly if that deal is on your target flowers [I've lost some deals by being too slow before].

I also think it's good to go with a mission [before you even get to the market]. The choice is incredible - you have all sorts of flowers but there are also house plants, herbs, seeds, shrubs, you name it it's highly likely to be there. The herbs always smell so good. If you're a green-fingered foodie this will get you excited. Sadly, I have killed every herb I've tried to keep in my flat [I'm awful at keeping them alive] so no herby goodness for me [booo]. Emilia on the other hand managed to pick up some lovely little plants for her flat which I'm looking forward to watch bloom.

I find it so hard to walk away from Colombia Road Flower Market without thinking I wish I also had that, that and that. Ultimately, if I could fill a house with flowers I probably would, but that's just not practical, is it now? So here's to hoping that one day I can build a tropical garden filled with a rainbow collection of flowers and plants that I can call my own flower market. One day [cross fingers]. Until then, I'm just going to keep enjoying going back to this market as it always adds a smile and some cheer to my weekends. With so many colours, lovely smells and a good deal to be had - it will always have my heart [sorry purse].

Here are our lovely bunches - Emilia and I got some excellent deals. We also ended up [unintentionally] colour-coordinating our flowers, we had all shades of pinks and purples. Lovely. We already can't wait to go back.

what we bought || white and pink lilies, white and pink [light & dark] peonies, purple hyacinths & pastel purple tulips

Now, it's your turn - go, [let me know what you thought and if you have any flower arranging tips] and enjoy!


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