14 April 2014


where || national wedding show

briding (verb) | the act of attending wedding shows and acting like you're getting hitched so that you can get free chocolate, cake and balloon hats [maybe].

coat & bag [zara]
boots [topshop]
scarf [accessorize]

I have reached a time in my life where friends are slowly starting to put a ring-on-it; one of which is my long time friend Ellie [blue dress]. This then of course starts the wedding planning frenzy and means we start going to events like The National Wedding Show to get inspired, spoilt and enticed into all things wedding related. Hearing the number of brides who would descend onto London for this show, I immediately had to mentally prepare myself for an intense day. In reality, once you're inside the spacious Olympia showroom it doesn't feel as crazy as you'd imagine. Yes, there are lots of people & Yes, most people are trying to get you to their stall but actually as long as you focus on the key things you're looking for [for us, mainly the dress] then it's doable. It's a long day though so I would recommend comfy shoes, some snacks [the food in there is expensive] and go with friends so that it's more fun than chore.

the list ||

The dress, the venue, the bouquet, the car, the cake… the list goes on. Who knew there were so many things to buy when planning a wedding. Either way, the world is your oyster here because believe me anything you haven't thought of, someone at the trade show will have. If you already know what theme you're going for then you can filter out the many options, and if not - I am sure you will leave with one [or the vague beginnings of one]. What I learnt: the Vera Wang bouquets from Interflora are something else, it's really easy to get lured into wanting a castle for your big day [they are quite the backdrop], wedding cars are very comfortable and spacious [for the giant dress you'll be wearing I think] and cupcakes are just as much star-of-the-show as the actual cake. 

the show ||

the dress ||

the distractions ||

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