30 March 2014

five a day

Did I just entice you onto my blog with a bowl of salad? You're welcome. What a great way to end a weekend full of sunshine eh! Remember my post live fresh? I'll be honest, it's been a rocky road since I pledged to live fresh. January is a funny month because I [like many I'm sure] get super excited about all these new things I'm going to try and do in the coming year. It's now March and although I have tried to eat fresh as much as I can, I still get tempted to the dark [mainly chocolatey] side. Lucky for me the sun came out in full blast this weekend which means more of the above vegetable-delight because it's light, it's refreshing and it usually goes well with a bbq.

baby gem lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions & flat leaf parsley [salad]
virgin olive oil, modena balsamic vinegar, half a lime juice & a pinch of salt [dressing]

Excuse the crisps, but overall it's been a relatively healthy weekend packed with lots of dancing, salads and fruit fiestas. +Asad got excited about having a bbq but luckily it was still quite cold outside so I got to stay indoors [woohoo]. Instead, I decided to make some reggae reggae roast chicken with some cous cous to go with that salad, and we spent the afternoon snacking on all sorts. He had also found some absolutely delicious baba ghanoush from +Sainsbury's which we demolished in about ten minutes. And for dessert, there was lemon tart and I was also excited about my new recent find - this Fabulously Free of Melon Salad! from the legendary +M&S. Finally, a convenient fruit salad I can eat - yeeey!

All in all, looks like Live Fresh might just happen after all…


P.S. Today was Mother's Day in the UK so am wishing all of the mummys out there a very happy mother's day! Look mum, I'm eating all my fruit and vegetables :D

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