24 February 2014

tea win

I'm baaaaack! Wow, I have been majorly s-l-a-c-k-i-n-g on the bloggieverse. I hope this photo (and the delicious ones below) will help you all to forgive me. And if not, then hold tight for pictures of some really cute orang-utans. Yes, I am bribing you with cute animals to come back but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. It will be worth it though, trust me.

Birthdays. Mine was a few months ago but the girls and I think that any excuse to have a tea party is a good excuse. So, we did. Belated birthday fun = living out our childhood dreams. An actual tea set with actual tea and actual sandwiches and actual cake with actual ladies-who-tea (sorry Ted and Barbie). It was a lovely set up as per usual at Casa Emilia and I have to say that I felt spoilt rotten. If this is how to hold belated birthday celebrations then I might try and delay it every year...

on the menu | cheesy baguettes, salmon and cucumber bagels, crisps, a delicious cheese board, chocolates, banana bread by ellie and a beautiful homemade carrot cake by emilia; all washed down with ruby breakfast juice and traditional english breakfast tea

wearing | flannel shirt dress (+UNIQLO UK), grey knee-high socks (+M&S), studded leather jacket (a gift, from Brilliantime), high-tops (+adidas)

We spent the afternoon eating, sipping tea, chatting, opening presents (they bought me the most beautiful teapot and cake stand), giggling and trying the array of snacks I brought back from my recent trips to Madagascar and Malaysia. I think we've officially started a new tradition of tasting snacks from around the world which will be interesting… From my goodies, bonbon pecto went down well and so did the pepper jellies from Sarawak. All in all, an afternoon and evening well spent. Thanks ladies!

I will now leave you with my first faux-pas of 2014. Ladies and gents, I give you the knee-socks on tights look. It's a strong(ish) look and definitely one for those of you coming from warmer climes. "Wear trousers" I hear you say, well that's just not as much fun is it now... Till next time, keep warm.