2 October 2013

accidental riverboat

My brain has been on over-drive lately so getting nailspiration has been relatively harder than usual. That being said, last week I decided to just freestyle my nail art and came up with the red and gold flower pattern above. Then, my colleague Andy saw my nails and said they reminded him of riverboats. And I thought, what a nice idea. Then oddly enough, on a whim I ended up spending some of the weekend in Camden showing around my buddy Simon's friend Victoria who had come to visit all the way from Paraguay... and we ended up in riverboat land! My particular favourite was a long riverboat that had been hired out for a hen do - the colours were just great and fun. We also saw the lock in action (on both sides) which I hadn't seen in ages. So all in all, either it was all a coinkidink or I'm psychic?! I'm sure we'll find out in good time :)

nails | base: bright red (Barry M), flower: gold effect (Barry M) & spilled milk (Topshop)

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