1 September 2013

carnival vibes

It's that time of the year again: Caaarnival! Many flock to West London to experience one of Europe's biggest street party - Notting Hill Carnival - and to keep up with tradition off I went too. 

Although I absolutely love the parade - the colours, the dancing, the giggles - this year I wanted it to be more about the sound systems, dancing in the sun and good food. And that's exactly what I got - navigating our way from Paddington to Westbourne Park, we grooved to a variety of tunes, grabbed delicious punch from the famous Lonsdale bar & restaurant and queued for what felt like hours for that much needed delicious jerk chicken (with all the sides - plantain, dumpling, rice & salad). It was one of my relatively more chilled carnivals but still fun all the same.

wearing | print top & black leggings (Zara), jean shirt (+Gap), yellow +Converse, black and gold +Ray-Ban, parrot earrings (present), necklace (present from South Africa) & koala bag (present from Australia)

+Diane | top & flower plimsoles (+H&M), dungarees (vintage), gold chain necklace & black and white +Ray-Ban 

1. Talbot Road, Gaz's Rocking Blues sound system
2. Joe Strummer "without people you're nothing" street art
3. Where we got our jerk chicken on and had the best dumpling

1. More jerk chicken - yum yum yum
2. Leamington Road Villas, Sir Lloyd sound system (soul & reggae)
3. full OOTD - diane & I

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