9 June 2013

playing camouflage

What a lovely and chilled Sunday spent with my good buddy Optimus Funk aka Alexander Fabulous aka Adrian. As usual, it wasn't short of great chats, tasty food and new discoveries. We decided to head over to Brick Lane in East London to find something good to eat and stumbled on a warehouse full of delicious food from all over the world, from Ethiopian to Japanese to Thai. The smell itself was enough to win us over and we ended up snacking on tempura prawns, pork bun (or Cha Siu Bao for those who know your Catonese cuisine well!), momos (Tibetan dumplings) and jerk chicken with rice and peas, plantain and dumpling. It was SO good. If you're ever in the need for something new to try out and are feeling adventurous I would definitely recommend heading over - just follow the hoards of people and the delicious smells, you won't be disappointed and prices are great. On our travels, Adrian and I also discovered lots and lots of great street art - we even walked past live graffiti artists doing their thing. We found this fantastic mural on the way to Beyond Retro (a huge vintage shop warehouse), next to the cute, Paraguayan Morena bakery we eventually stopped in for a cup of coffee and cake. Inspired, we stopped, took some photos, jumped around like hyper children and here are the results! It was a really fun afternoon and I hope you all had a lovely weekend too :)

wearing | tiger jumper, black lace top, blue Jamie skinny jeans, tutu trench coat (all, +Topshop), leopard print creepers (Office), gold geo shape cut out collar necklace (+Accessorize)

photos above thanks to Alexander Fabulous & photos below by me (bar the one of me jumping!)

P.S. I discovered Adrian is a superhero today - check out the height in those jumps! Also, watch this space because I am trying to convince him to start up a style blog too as I think he has great personal style, loves clothes and trainers as much or more than I do and always looks fresh :)

alexander fabulous wears | t-shirt (musicjunky), jeans (+UNIQLO UK), black leather jacket (Zara), trainers (Asics)

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