30 April 2013

shades of spring

Spring (fingers crossed) is finally here and I am loving all of the blossoms appearing everywhere. It's also given me a lot of nail art inspiration so thought I would share what my nails have been styled in over the last few weeks. 

(1) "spring wedding flowers" | electric yellow (color show by Maybelline), silver bullet (60 Seconds by Rimmel), bright red & plum (Barry M), worn here

(2) "in bloom" | mint green, emerald green, raspberry, peach melba (Barry M) & electric yellow (color show by Maybelline), worn here

(3) "blue sky dreaming" | blue moon (Barry M) & trophy wife (Essie), worn here

Though this one wasn't quite inspired by spring, more of a random top-of-head let's just go crazy pattern, I really liked wearing this design as it was fun but still felt subtle enough for work.

(4) "hundreds and thousands" | raspberry, peach melba (Barry M) & silver bullet (60 Seconds by Rimmel)

Named as such because it reminded me so much of these sprinkles I like to use when decorating cupcakes. Here are some a couple of girl friends and I made for our girls night in over the weekend. Chai spice cupcakes with chocolate icing, yummy :)

24 April 2013

belated birthday fun

I've had a couple of days off work again and today managed to catch up with my lovely +Diane who's mini-milestone birthday I missed because she has been having too much fun in Coachella and Miami (clearly not jealous at all). We were super lucky weather wise - I feel for her coming from 30+ degrees heat to our "warm" spring but the sun definitely shone for us today and London looked beautiful. After picking out something pretty from Topshop's Orelia range (my little present to her), we headed to L'Eto caffe in Soho for some birthday cake action. Diane chose a mango and coconut meringue accompanied by a jasmine and lychee iced tea whereas I opted for the fatty-chubs option of plum millefeuille (yup. that recent gym session was completed wasted on me but YUM) accompanied by a pineapple and ginger juice mix. We spent the next few hours chatting, satisfying our sweet tooth cravings and giggling away. Luckily the staff were very relaxed as by the time we left, about 3 and a half hours had passed by! That's what I call an excellent catch up, belated birthday celebration and day off in one :)

wearing | black Jamie skinnies & silver studded sleeveless leather biker jacket (Topshop), Hello Kitty vest (H&M), black and leopard print creepers (Office - similar here)

accessories | RB3016 W0365 Clubmaster in ebony / arista (Rayban), jungle print satin scarf (Conscious Collection by H&M), black mini twistlock holdall (similar in blue here) & black question mark ring (Topshop)

thanks to the birthday girl for taking my outfit photo

22 April 2013

coachella crush

So, the weekend before last saw another Coachella pass by and oh my how much I wish I had gone this year... I've been enjoying reading some of my favourite bloggers' reviews and outfit posts from the desert party though. Sincerely, Jules, Song of Style and Le Blog de Betty (also here) sported some particularly cute outfits. There were some excellent celebrity outfits spotted all over the place too so I thought I would put together the top three celebrity styles that stood out for me. If you were there - I AM JEALOUS - I hope you had an amazing time. As for me, maybe next year Coachella!

1. Kate Bosworth
I love both of Kate's outfits because they seem so chic and simple and are yet full of detail. I wouldn't normally say black or white were my go-to colours for a festival look (I tend to go completely bonkers with colours) but Kate has completely convinced me to think otherwise. While the colours may be quite classic (or some may even say safe), the cut out print, the fur, the sheer skirt make it just as fun, flirty and playful without going over the top. And that is why Kate's look is in the number one spot for my favourite Coachella celebrity styles.

2. Solange Knowles
Oh Solange, how I want to just steal your entire wardrobe. If you want to stand out at a festival, this is the way to do it. LESSONS FROM SOLANGE. I feel like that should be a hashtag or something. I don't really know where to start... she is just CUTE and COLOURFUL and CUTE. Yes, I said cute twice because she just deserves it. I love the pop of neon colour, the prints (especially the lemons), the chunky heeled sandals and just Solange looking very comfortable and happy with her own style. This is how to wear colour with a touch of sophistication. Let's just face it, I think I may have a new style crush.

3. Katy Perry
If any celebrity wants to learn how to do fun and quirky, Katy is your girl. Not only did she not disappoint with her Coachella outfit but wore exactly what I would want to wear to any festival. It's fun, it's playful, she looks like queen of the jungle and if this outfit doesn't produce a smile or a giggle on your face then I don't know what will. Plus, I love how she managed to work it both in white platforms and cute sandals. Good work Katy.

photos from Vogue.com and Huffpost Celebrity

17 April 2013


Ooooh la la chandeliers for your ears.
Luckily, they don't weigh as much as actual chandeliers. YEY.
So.......... I definitely want me some chandelears. What about you?

Check out my current top five favourites from the high street.

post inspired by Stylist magazine's Spring/Summer 2013 Trends spotlight

14 April 2013

lucky seven

I am very lucky to have super talented friends and one of these is Asad. He took a few of pictures of me a couple of weeks ago with my favourite velvet loafers and I liked the pictures so much I asked him if he could take some more pictures of me. Let's face it - two brains are always better than one when you're looking for a little inspiration and direction :)

We decided to go for brunch in the lovely Notting Hill or as Asad likes to call it Notting Chill. We had the most amazing brunch at Electric Diner on Portobello road - I had the most delicious oozy eggs royale in the world, freshly pressed apple juice and my go-to latte. So so yummy and I would 100% recommend if you are ever in the area. Staff are really friendly too. We then did a little browsing and a little walking and stumbled on a road which had a rainbow of houses, literally. I loved them so much I asked Asad if we could take a few pictures around this area and here are the fruits of our little session. We had lots of fun and really hope you like the snaps too!

wearing | grey ducktail coat & bleach acid Jamie skinny jeans (Topshop), grey men's cardigan (Uniqlo), jungle print blouse (Conscious Collection by H&M)

accessories | gold green lattice scarf (I can't remember!), floral spring pom pom backpack (hand made, Skrunch by Rachel David aka the Textile Anarchist), grey and neon green tassel loafers (Gap - similar pair), coral sunnies (Zara), big silver monkey ring (Accessorize)

photos thanks to Asad

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3 April 2013

dreaming of a white easter

Easter weekend was a mini milestone for me - my first ever wedding. Surprising I know, but when you have a relatively small family and friends are getting engaged but not yet getting married then it's less surprising right? Anyway, I was super excited and quickly came face to face with my first challenge - what to wear. Easter should technically be spring already so I thought florals, light fabrics, feminine and lined up a couple of potential dresses. Then, English weather happened and I was then faced with the likelihood of cold winds, snow (what?! in nearly April?!) and potential rain... essentially: try to look wedding-pretty all whilst keeping as warm as possible. Easy right? Not quite. After much deliberation, I eventually settled for the above outfit armed with tights, cosy socks, faux-fur stole and a change of footwear (wellies) for any potential weather related challenges. Then, I panicked that I wasn't sporting enough colour for a spring-time feeling so cue the DIY spring flower nails and red white flower crown. If the weather won't give me blooming flowers, then I will make them myself! And hey presto, my first wedding outfit was planned. I enjoyed the DIY so much that I decided it would be lovely to make a his and hers flower crown and pin as a wedding gift, all matchy matchy and cute (first photo). As for the wedding itself, I couldn't have picked a better first ever wedding to go to - the whole day was just magical, I was so happy for the lovely bride and groom as they truly deserved the best day and celebration possible. My wedding adventure was then rounded off with a lovely (but extremely chilly) two hour walk through the hills of Herefordshire and Wales. Let's just say, I was very relieved I had my knee length fluo wellies with me as there was so much more snow than I expected. Mojo the dog seemed to enjoy it too and I think we both agreed that all in all it was another great little adventure thanks to Gina, Ian, wedding guests and good old Cymru!

wearing | dotty white shirt (Gap), monochrome floral pencil skirt (Topshop), black faux-fur stole (a present), black shimmer tights (Boots), cosy white socks (Primark), red chelsea boots (a present) and red & white floral crown (diy made by me)

nails | electric yellow (color show by Maybelline), silver bullet (60 Seconds by Rimmel), bright red & plum (Barry M)

all photos by me