13 March 2013

let's be clear

H I G H E N D 2 H I G H S T R E E T // feat. Charlotte Olympia perspex clutch
alternatives for fashionistas on a budget

PERSPEX. How do we feel about it? Well, for one, if it's going to continue to rain then I want precautions in place. Waterproof precautions. However, 1) I don't want everyone seeing what I'm carrying around with me - I don't really have anything to hide but then again some things just need to stay private right?! - and 2) transparent isn't a colour so we need to find a way to have a little fun with this. Below are some ideas that may just about solve these two dilemas. What are your thoughts on perspex bags? Yey or Ney? I have a feeling I may be a YEY.

How did I get convinced? Check out Charlotte Olympia's elegant perspex clutch box - Pandora, £454. If this doesn't convince, I don't know what will. There's also this croissant one and this spider one if the classic Pandora doesn't tickle your fancy. If your budget doesn't quite stretch to half a grand, then below are three cute perspex bargains for under £100 currently on the high street. As for the inside pouch, I think there are lots of ways you could spice things up be it with make up bags, wallets or purses - get creative and you'll be good to go!

perspex hard box clutch - in clear or pink, £12.99 (New Look)
dotty perspex clutch, £29 (Accessorize)
EPIC tortoise shell perspex clutch, £99 (Dune)

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