7 January 2013

thermal rainbow

COLOUR ALERT! Yep, I am sporting a rainbow of delights here. I think I've mentioned before that I like colours and guess what - my family knows me too well. I'm going into 2013 with a burst of colour thanks to the addition of this cute, slightly retro-esque, cotton dress and my lovely new red wine backpack. I was very excited [as you can see] and felt very spoilt over Christmas thanks to mummy.

Also, looking back over my first 5 months of blogging, I've realised that although sharing my accessories and nail art with you all is fun, it kind of doesn't mean anything without the context behind it [i.e. what and how I'm wearing it]. Sounds pretty basic but am still learning as I go so thank you to retrospect for this recent discovery! So... starting from now, I will try and upload more outfit posts [starting with this one!] so that you can see what accessories [bags, jewellery, shoes, nail art, etc.] I'm wearing and how. Better late than never, right?

Let me know what you think, but hopefully you think it's a good idea too!

wearing | cotton print dress (saw similar ones in Camden Market), wine red backpack (Next), fur ball scarf, white leather gloves (both Accessorize), rainbow booties (birthday present)

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