11 January 2013

skulls and red roses

In the sales, I managed to find this amazing piece: a skulls and red roses jacket by Dahlia for Topshop. Not only is it super eye-catching and cute, it is super soft to the touch and was a massive bargain. A winning piece you might think... until I tried to close (starting with just) the top button and boy did that take me a while. It was so fiddly and I got so frustrated with it that my love for the jacket was instantly tainted. Now, you might be thinking why all the fuss - just don't close the buttons! Maybe I'm impatient but the thing is, over the last few years, I've realised that every time I buy a new piece now, I need to not only love it with my eyes but it also has to be 1) versatile, 2) be able to last at least a little while and/or 3) stress-free to put on. This one failed on point 3 and so, off it goes back to Topshop. Otherwise, I know that every time I wear it I will be thinking UGH THOSE BUTTONS. By all means, if tough-to-close buttons doesn't bother you in the slightest, please feel free to head down to Topshop Oxford Street branch where this beautiful jacket will soon be making a re-appearance :D

Either way, I am saddened by the button closing issue because I know I will be thinking about this jacket and it's absolutely amazing print for a long while... Alas, it was clearly not meant to be. But still; SO PRETTY!

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