24 January 2013

stacky stack stack

Why wouldn't you like them? They are fun, they are versatile and rather than getting one ring you can get lots of different-looks in one. Everybody wins. Woohoo. These are just some of the ones I've spotted and liked online recently but will definitely be sharing when I find more. Happy stacking :)

1. Pretty Ring Stack (Topshop), £10
2. Jewel Cluster Stacking Ring (Ted Baker), £45 via Asos
3. Vintage stack (Asos)
4. Smiley Face Stacking Set (Accessorize), £6
5. Bali Stacking Set (Accessorize), £7

20 January 2013

snow play

I don't know if you've noticed but IT'S SNOWING! OK, I have to admit that when I first heard London was going to be covered in snow this weekend I panicked. Why? Because as a city, we kind of break down slightly when snow falls because we're just not used to having it very often. Plus, it's pretty cold and I think I'm more of a hot-weather girl. However, that said, the minute it started falling I couldn't help but get excited. It brings back good memories of sledging and skiing and snowball fights and snow angels and all things snowtastic. So, as much as I was scared of it arriving, I've really enjoyed being snowbound this weekend. With lots of beyoncé tea, red velvet cupcakes, good friends and beautiful views (because snow just manages to make absolutely everything look GOOD) - what else could a girl ask for?!

Hate it or love it, I hope you all managed to enjoy the change in scenery and managed to keep warm!

wearing | tutu cream coat & blue skinny jeans (Topshop), white dotty shirt (Gap), snowflake blue fleece gilet (Uniqlo), leopard bow booties (Primark)
accessories | cream leopard ear muffs (M&S), fur ball scarf & cream bow leather gloves & blue butterfly metal necklace (Accessorize)
nails | blue moon (Barry M)

Thanks to diane for the lovely photos.

19 January 2013

roses are pink

I am a little bit in love with my neon pink ring from Topshop (the equivalent of my pink fluo earrings I wore for new year's eve). I love it because it's so girly and sparkly but my favourite thing about it is the colour! I think I like pink more than I realised...

On a recent trip to the Flower Shop at M&S, while I was picking out a beautiful bunch for my friend Rai's birthday I spotted an end of the line, bargain bunch of bright pink roses and guess what... I ended up buying myself a little present too. Why does that always happen when you're shopping for other people?! Wooooops... At least Rai loved her roses (the pink and white bunch down there), that's what's most important :)

jewellery | pink fluo ring (Topshop), silver bangle (present), orange evil eye bracelet (Istanbul market stall)
nails | peach melba (Barry M)
wearing | black & white flannel shirt (Uniqlo)

15 January 2013

on a natural hunt

Every time I see anyone wearing nude nail varnish, I always think it looks really smart. A classic that I think will work through all the seasons and also great as a go-to colour for everyday at the office. Problem is every time I try on a nude colour nail varnish, my nails look like they are not well (weird, I know but they just look like they are having an awful day - very pale). With my colour complexion, the majority of the colours don't seem to work as well as advertised. Maybe I'm trying the wrong colours... but then I had an idea, what if I chose a colour that was not too bright but would still blend well with my skin tone? This is the result - a little hue of peach, a cute colour for everyday thanks to Barry M peach melba. Other colours that I think would also work well are browns (similar to Barry M mushroom from my earlier posts or like Rimmel caramel cupcake), pastels (pinks and oranges) and very light metallics (potentially a slightly lighter version ofRimmel gold save the queen, also in one of my earlier posts). If you find something else that also works really well then please let me know!

13 January 2013

the wild side

I feel 2013 is already starting off with a bang. While browsing, I had a quick look at what trends to expect for SS13 and these four from Topshop definitely caught my eye. Love the colour, love the prints  and I just really think fashion-gone-a-little-wild is right up my street so very excited to see how the rest of the high street follows suit over the new few months!

Topshop SS13 LooksBuckles and Bibs, Well Travelled Girl, Queen of the Jungle & Ain't No Mom Jeans

11 January 2013

skulls and red roses

In the sales, I managed to find this amazing piece: a skulls and red roses jacket by Dahlia for Topshop. Not only is it super eye-catching and cute, it is super soft to the touch and was a massive bargain. A winning piece you might think... until I tried to close (starting with just) the top button and boy did that take me a while. It was so fiddly and I got so frustrated with it that my love for the jacket was instantly tainted. Now, you might be thinking why all the fuss - just don't close the buttons! Maybe I'm impatient but the thing is, over the last few years, I've realised that every time I buy a new piece now, I need to not only love it with my eyes but it also has to be 1) versatile, 2) be able to last at least a little while and/or 3) stress-free to put on. This one failed on point 3 and so, off it goes back to Topshop. Otherwise, I know that every time I wear it I will be thinking UGH THOSE BUTTONS. By all means, if tough-to-close buttons doesn't bother you in the slightest, please feel free to head down to Topshop Oxford Street branch where this beautiful jacket will soon be making a re-appearance :D

Either way, I am saddened by the button closing issue because I know I will be thinking about this jacket and it's absolutely amazing print for a long while... Alas, it was clearly not meant to be. But still; SO PRETTY!

7 January 2013

thermal rainbow

COLOUR ALERT! Yep, I am sporting a rainbow of delights here. I think I've mentioned before that I like colours and guess what - my family knows me too well. I'm going into 2013 with a burst of colour thanks to the addition of this cute, slightly retro-esque, cotton dress and my lovely new red wine backpack. I was very excited [as you can see] and felt very spoilt over Christmas thanks to mummy.

Also, looking back over my first 5 months of blogging, I've realised that although sharing my accessories and nail art with you all is fun, it kind of doesn't mean anything without the context behind it [i.e. what and how I'm wearing it]. Sounds pretty basic but am still learning as I go so thank you to retrospect for this recent discovery! So... starting from now, I will try and upload more outfit posts [starting with this one!] so that you can see what accessories [bags, jewellery, shoes, nail art, etc.] I'm wearing and how. Better late than never, right?

Let me know what you think, but hopefully you think it's a good idea too!

wearing | cotton print dress (saw similar ones in Camden Market), wine red backpack (Next), fur ball scarf, white leather gloves (both Accessorize), rainbow booties (birthday present)

1 January 2013

well hello there 2013

Wishing you all a happy healthy and excellent 2013.
As predicted, I couldn't do it without glitter everywhere.
- when in doubt, dance.

wearing | sequin top (H&M), bow wrist band, white and pink dotty rings, pink neon skull earrings (Topshop), gold ring (ASOS), gold chain necklace (Accessorize)
nails | gold save the queen, silver bullet (Rimmel), fose quartz glitter (Barry M)