26 November 2012


Amongst my birthday swag this year, a friend who knows about my nail-painting obsession kindly bought me my first set of nail art pens - in my favourite colour combo: black & gold. So, thought I'd give it a go this weekend.

It's been raining a little here in the UK (under-statement) so I was inspired to do a rain droplet theme as this week's nail pattern. Luckily, I also managed to bag a new nail varnish (for free!) as part of this month's Glamour give-away which lent itself nicely to a dark, gloomy background for my rainy nails... 

Overall opinion on the NPW nail art pens - though they are fun, quality wasn't as good as I expected and easy of use wasn't great (I kept having to squeeze the tube while trying to draw, which when it came to using my left hand became a bit of a task...). To be fair, I may have been attempting a slightly too complicated design for my first try but hey, if you don't aim high you never know!

Despite all this rain, one thing which has entertained my attention this week is my mood ring from Regal Rose which has become a staple. I am now determined to bring back one of my favourite 70s fashion trends with this colour changing little gem. So far, I've had colours ranging from dark blue to emerald green to amber - looking forward to seeing what moods next week brings =D

nails | Nails Inc motcomb street, NPW 3 in 1 nail art pen - gold and black (£7.95)
jewellery | Regal Rose Rana eye mood ring (£9)

apologies for the random coloured hands... various lighting experiments!

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