20 May 2018

that island gurl

Howdy team!

It's been a while aye. Hope you've all been dandy.

I just wanted to say that I haven't gone anywhere (physically) but I have moved (virtually!) in case you've been wondering why I've just disappeared - now writing on thatislandgurl.com about all things that life throws at me - stories, observations, shared (and new) experiences, and everything in between (still including the travel, food, and fashion posts).

I will always have a lot of love for this blog, and always look back on everything I've managed to capture fondly - but I wanted to take my writing into a slightly different direction.

I started jinglejungle in my early twenties as a place where I could document trips, events, experiences, and reviews of what I'd seen and been up to. I hope some of my posts will still come in handy for people as I've put a lotta love into each one, particularly my travel ones.

However, I am now thirty and a lot has changed - as you would probably expect. I've grown up a bit more, gotten to know myself a little better, and have a lot more on my mind other than just "I went here, I saw this, and this is what I thought". Hence, my new blog.

This doesn't mean that I don't value or still love travel or fashion posts, I will still do these over on my new home but they will now be surrounded by more posts about me as a person, what I (and friends) experience (and have experienced), and just more stories about day-to-day life because life isn't just about travel and fashion is it now. LOL.

Anyhow, I really appreciate all of you who have been following me from day one - reading my posts, sharing them with pals and beyond, and just giving me the encouragement and support to keep writing. So, THANK YEW.

I hope to see you all over on my new (virtual) home. Otherwise, enjoy perusing everything jingle jungle has to offer until the end of time (muahahahaha).

Peace Out x

29 August 2016

dam you fine

T R A V E L || Amsterdam, Netherlands

Seeing as I've deprived you guys of great chat for about two months now, thought I would treat you to my largest photo diary yet. A couple of weekends ago, I got the immense honour of celebrating with one of my closest gal pals before she got hitched to the man of her beardy dreams - by surprising her to a classy hen-weekend away in Amsterdam. The three bridesmaids who organised everything outdid themselves, finding us a great hen-bnb and organising a hoot of a weekend. I took a couple of extra days around the hen so I could explore the Dam a bit more given it was my first visit - and man did it not disappoint.

[read on for more chat and/or if you want to just browse a believe-it-or-not trimmed down photo diary.]

12 June 2016

bow down

E X P L O R E || SS Great Britain, Bristol

This weekend, I watched Titanic [released when Leonardo DiCaprio was a fresh faced 21 year old]. My last memory of watching this film [I haven't watched it that many times] was while I was in Junior School at my bestie Joanna's sleepover party. I genuinely don't remember it being as horrific as watching it now older and apparently more attuned to the gravity of this disaster. These great vessels were built to be able to transport those who could afford it across to new worlds, for new opportunities or simply to visit loved ones. Without the luxury and convenience of air travel as it is today, this was the only way to travel great distances. What happened to the RMS Titanic was just tragic. Watching the film also reminded me of the last time I was in Bristol when pops took me to visit SS Great Britain - another great ship which, unlike the Titanic, I was able to get up close and personal with.